New Year’s

I had every intention of sitting down and writing decent post yesterday on my day off. I had a rough draft written and everything. My day took a horrible turn before I even got started on anything. My mom called and told me to come over (she lives next door) because my dad was laying on the floor. I didn’t wait for anything else. I immediately ran next door and to my dad laying on his side on the floor. He was taken to the hospital and flown to a major hospital nearby. He has suffered a stroke. He wasn’t able to move much on his own and couldn’t talk. As of this morning, he is moving around on his own. He still can’t talk. The doctor said he has suffered some brain damage in the area of his brain responsible for speech. He has a 99% blockage in his carotid artery leading to his brain. They can’t operate until the damaged parts of his brain have a chance to heal a little otherwise it could cause a major bleed and kill him. He is also part of a clinical trial for a drug that is supposed to help limit the damage done as the stroke continues the next day or so. (I had no idea that strokes took place over a few days and weren’t just a one time thing that was over in an hour or so.) So we are hoping for the best and taking it one day at a time. So bear with me. I have great hopes for this blog in 2013.

Hope everyone has had a great start to the new year.


The Hudson Hornet

We are trying this cat thing again. Poor Charlotte didn’t work out.

She was very sickly and required a lot more time than I have to give so she went to live with a little old lady that wanted to baby her.
My mother in law has a cat that just had kittens about ten weeks ago.

We decided to see if one of those would work out better. So far so good.

Hubby and Maddie picked out the name Hudson. His original name was Alabaster, but Maddie said she didn’t like it. Hubby came up with Hudson and Maddie approved.

Hudson is adjusting slowly and is still a little jumpy around noises and doesn’t like when the people are in his face.

He will play though and he’s cute trying to keep his balance and pounce at the same time.


I should have a new sweet treat post this week.

Gotta make a cake for the Hubby’s birthday! I’m going to try something pretty cool that incorporates the 4th holiday into it.

Fingers crossed it works.

His birthday isn’t until the 8th but it’s on Sunday and I have to work so I’m making a cake early.

Who knows. He might get two cakes.

I need to practice for Sophie’s birthday anyway.

Riddle me this….

Yeah it’s not really a riddle. It’s just a poll I created. My brother-in-law recently asked me if I had a name picked out for my bakery and my response was “Yeah, about 6 of them.” I think I have it narrowed down to my favorite 3. Each relates to me in one way or another. Jewell Dean is my grandma’s name. My grandma raised me and I call her “mom” whenever I talk to her or about her. It’s also unique. I don’t know of any other Jewell Dean. Maddie Marie is a combination of my daughter’s names. Madison’s first name and Sophia’s middle name. Kimmie is me and it would be my sweet treat shop. That one was pretty self-explanatory, wasn’t it?  So feel free to vote in the poll and voice your opinion.


Father’s Day is this weekend. Anyone have any exciting plans? Miss Maddie and I are working on something kind of hush hush. I can’t go into any details on here yet. Hubby is a blog stalker and reads this when he’s online. Hope everyone enjoys there weekend!

Hello Gorgeous!

Hello there! I’m new to this blogging thing so bear with me while I learn the ins and outs of it. The main purpose of this blog is to share the sweet treats I make in my kitchen. The big goal is to open a shop and sell my goodies. My short term goal is to just start selling them from home. In the meantime, I need somewhere to share and learn. While the baking is the main point of this blog, I’m sure there will be a few instances where I’m just rambling about something, like birthday or holiday parties.

A little bit about me.
My name is Kimberly. I work full time, so posting may be kind of sporadic. I also work a swing shift which further complicates my posting schedule. My husband, Michael, is a stay at home dad. We have two little girls, Maddie and Sophie. They are, in my opinion, the greatest little girls ever.