Holidays are coming..

And I’m excited. I get to bake and share my creations with all of the members of my family. Who better to use as guinea pigs? They don’t seem to complain and I can generally get an honest answer out of them. I am starting to put together my menu for Thanksgiving dinner. I know I’ll make at least 2 different desserts, plus the ham and potato salad. We all have dinner at my grandmother’s house, who also happens to live next door to me (on the same driveway). This is going to be our first holiday season without my grandfather and that tugs on my heart a little. My husband will be taking over some of his duties, like getting the turkey out of the oven and the roasting pan and to the table without it hitting the floor. That’s a lot of pressure on him! I’m sure he’ll manage though. 

Retailers everywhere have brought out the Christmas garb. It kind of makes me want to put up our tree already. But I will resist. Until after Thanksgiving. Hopefully. 

My baking has been pretty much cookie cakes and chocolate chip cookies lately. I’ve got another cookie cake this weekend for a birthday party. 

I’m ready to start my holiday baking now! What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season? 



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