Cakewalk and Red Velvet

I have never been to, participated, or seen a cakewalk before. I didn’t even know what it was. Until this week. My daughter’s school held a Spring Fling (basically a small little carnival). They had a bouncy house and a big slide, and a few games, and tables to buy food and snacks. One of the attractions was a cakewalk. The school secretary had asked me to make cupcakes for the cakewalk. I, of course, accepted and went about trying to decide what I wanted to make. I finally decided on three flavors: Snickers, Lemon, and Funfetti. I got all of them made and packed up and managed to deliver them in one piece. That alone made me happy. IMG_2764

Snickers Cupcakes (recipe here)


Lemon cupcakes (recipe here) and I added lemon extract instead of

vanilla in the frosting


Funfetti cupcakes with vanilla buttercream (recipe here)

The ladies at the school couldn’t believe I made that many cupcakes for the cakewalk. The kids had a blast and the littlest one made a bunch of friends.


The “jail”


One of the teachers was put in “jail” by a student.


The various tables selling food, drinks, and sweets.


The bouncy house and slide.

One of the ladies that works with my hubby asked for a red velvet cake. So I took the opportunity to make one. 🙂 I must say I was pretty pleased with it.



Red velvet cake recipe here and cream cheese frosting recipe here.


Busy Busy!

So my oldest daughter turned 9 last Sunday. Where has time gone? It seems like we just brought her home and now she is 9. I want my baby back. That means my littlest is about to be 3. For her birthday, she wanted to have a Dr Who / Minecraft theme. I was not about to attempt to deal with that many little squares on a cake. Not yet. Maybe one day I’ll feel adventurous. So I made a strictly Whovian cake. I made the Tardis. If you aren’t a fan of Dr Who (you really should be) but the Tardis is a blue police box. It looks like this…. Tardis Well, I covered the cake board and hand painted it… IMG_2664 Then made the cake (which was my first square, stacked cake and my first fondant covered square)…. IMG_2671 Then realized I forgot the windows and added candles and the birthday message….. IMG_2696   I went a little Minecraft on the decorations hanging from the ceiling…. IMG_2690 IMG_2685 IMG_2683 IMG_2677 IMG_2674 And I think she really enjoyed it when she came home from school…. IMG_2694 Oh yeah. The inside of the cake was pink and black…. IMG_2735 In addition to her birthday, I made some cupcakes for a Cakewalk at her school and a red velvet cake. 🙂