Happy New…..Wait…What?

Can someone please inform me where January has gone? I could have sworn we just watched the ball drop a few nights ago. But the shelves are stocked with Valentine’s candy and the Mexican restaurant where we ate dinner was decked out with red heart balloons which signals the arrival of February. Am I the only that seems to have lost January?

So did you make a resolution for 2014? If you did, are you sticking with it? I didn’t make any resolutions. I didn’t plan on doing anything. It’s just another year, right? Well, last week I decided that I am going to set goals for the year. I have weekly goals, monthly goals, and then the big ones that I hope to achieve by the end of the year. Weekly goals are similar to taking down the Christmas tree (yes, my tree is still up and that is this week’s goal) and the yearly goals are things like finish school (yeah I’m back in school and hopefully will get it done this year). I’m trying to be much more organized about everything. So I turned to Pinterest and searched for all things organization. I found more than enough binders, schedules, excel worksheets, and calendars to fit my needs and tastes. My main inspirations came from here and here. I think these two pretty much provided me with everything I need. I have some separate pins for a blogging planner I hope to implement soon (I let the printer run out of toner).  Mine are not as in-depth as some of the ones I looked at…yet. I’m just getting started though. I love having everything in one place. I keep my homework, calendars, and financial stuff in one folder for now. I may have to separate it into two or at least a bigger one. We are trying to be better at budgeting and saving money this year (another one of our goals).

I have hopes to work on my photography (specifically food) and this blog! I am trying to break my lazy person habits of just sitting in my recliner and watching Iron Chef America on Amazon and surfing Facebook and Pinterest. Yes. I am slightly addicted to the interwebs. And sweet tea. But I refuse to give up my tea, so I’m working on decreasing the amount of time spent on the useless perusal of social media.

I am being more productive. At least for the last two days. I cleaned the inside of the oven door. That thing was gross. And I’m working on the burners. I’m on day two of this. I hope to get it done and mostly clean. Confession: We have had our gas stove for almost 9 years. It sat for about 3 years and was never used. But during all of the 9 years that I’ve had the thing, I have never cleaned the burners. Yuck. Hubby tried once sometime last year and gave up. Yeah, it was that bad. Again, Pinterest led to some awesome cleaning tips so I’m making some progress. I will admit though, at a few points, I had serious thoughts of just walking away and buying a new one after we file taxes. But that goes directly against the budgeting and saving money goal, huh?

Progress. It’s all about progress. Even if I have to take baby steps. Baby steps are the key to success right? So, I’m a little late. But Happy New Year anyway!!!