The Hudson Hornet

We are trying this cat thing again. Poor Charlotte didn’t work out.

She was very sickly and required a lot more time than I have to give so she went to live with a little old lady that wanted to baby her.
My mother in law has a cat that just had kittens about ten weeks ago.

We decided to see if one of those would work out better. So far so good.

Hubby and Maddie picked out the name Hudson. His original name was Alabaster, but Maddie said she didn’t like it. Hubby came up with Hudson and Maddie approved.

Hudson is adjusting slowly and is still a little jumpy around noises and doesn’t like when the people are in his face.

He will play though and he’s cute trying to keep his balance and pounce at the same time.


I should have a new sweet treat post this week.

Gotta make a cake for the Hubby’s birthday! I’m going to try something pretty cool that incorporates the 4th holiday into it.

Fingers crossed it works.

His birthday isn’t until the 8th but it’s on Sunday and I have to work so I’m making a cake early.

Who knows. He might get two cakes.

I need to practice for Sophie’s birthday anyway.


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