Slow week

So it has been a pretty slow week in my kitchen. Not much baking going on. But it has been lovely outside! Such a nice change from the snow we’ve had in the last month. We aren’t prepared or accustomed to snow around here and it cripples us when we do get it. Make fun if you want to but .5 inches here is like 23 feet up north. But this past week has made up for the cold snow. It’s been nice enough that we have been able to open the doors and windows during the day.


This big “uggy” snowman scared the littlest. 

I think the pretty spring-like weather has gotten to me though. I decided it was time to make a change. A big change. To my hair. I didn’t cut it or anything. I’m still waiting for it to grow back out from my mohawk (well, faux-hawk) stage. I colored it. Not my usual red or black. PINK. Well, fuchsia. And I love it.



Sorry for the really bad cell phone selfie. I haven’t managed to get a good picture with a real camera yet. Or even the good camera on my cellphone. I used Manic Panic Fuchsia Shock (not a paid endorsement or anything, just saying what I used). It is much darker inside and purple. But when the sun hits it, it is intensely pink. I’ve only had for a day but it bleeds. I can’t run my fingers through my hair without pulling back a pink hand. Hopefully that won’t last much longer. 

I have made any baked goodies. My greatest creation was strawberries and raspberries macerated with a little sugar and vanilla extract on top of a store-bought lemon pound cake. But it was yummy. I bought some more white chocolate pudding mix to have a second attempt at the frosting that I royally goofed. 

The hubs and I got some new toys this week. I got a lens for my camera. A “nifty 50”. This one to be specific. I can’t wait to take some cake pictures with it. 

Hubs got a smoker. And he rocks it. He is a grill-master naturally anyway. So he got this and made these the same day……..




Pure awesomeness! He smoked chicken a few days ago and it was so juicy and tender. It didn’t last long enough for pictures. 

The Biggest’s Birthday Bash and Spring Finally Arrives!!!

The thing about those cute, little, cuddly babies is they grow up. Fast. Way too fast. It seems like my biggest was just born and completely dependent on us for everything. Now she is practically grown. My biggest turned eight two weeks ago. She does her chores, makes her own lunch for school, pours her own cereal, dresses herself, and generally knows what is off-limits without being told. We have a few moments where she doesn’t think before she does something but than can be expected. I’m very proud of my biggest little. She’s growing into quite the young lady. Image

For her birthday we asked what kind of cake she wanted. And without much hesitation promptly replied, “A fairy cake that is a little cake on top of a bigger cake on top of a bigger cake.” Okay then. I did scale back from 3 tiers to 2 since we weren’t feeding an army and this was my first attempt at a tiered cake. But I did manage to make 2 fairy figures. The first one was a little rough but the second showed some progress. The most important thing was that my birthday girl was happy with it. Image





Not only was this my first attempt at figures, but I tried my hand at fondant and gum paste flowers. I’m pleased since they were my first attempt. 

And what did my biggest ask for as a present for her birthday? A bow. She has wanted one since she saw “Brave” and even more since watching “Hunger Games”. Well, hubs and I decided to get her one and see if she would stay interested in it for more than a day. And she has so far. It takes her some effort to pull it back and she can’t quite hit the target yet, but she’s getting there. I’m proud she hasn’t given up. Image

And now that we are nearing the end of April, spring has finally decided to show up. About time too. The garden is getting a late start because it has been cold and done nothing but rain for the last few weeks. Hopefully things will still come in. I’m looking forward to garden grown veggies. And we all enjoy being outside instead of inside so I’m looking forward to some warm, dry weather. Image

The littlest has decided that throwing rocks and walking through puddles is the greatest thing ever. 



And anytime we pass flowers (real or fake) or anything green (like ferns, cacti, or my veggie sprouts) she wants to smell them. Image