Revisiting my failure… and a few successes

Ok. Do you remember the white chocolate pudding buttercream that I royally screwed up? Well, I went back and gave it another shot. I got it right this time! I think the problem I had the first time was the butter wasn’t really room temperature enough. I must say, it is delicious on chocolate cupcakes. Image

The original recipe for the frosting came from White Flours Bloom. I used this dark chocolate cupcake recipe from Brown Eyed Baker. Such a wonderful combination. It was a success around here. 

I ordered some wafer paper to play with and purchased the wafer paper flower class from Craftsy. I love this medium. It is so fun to play with and yields some beautiful results. 




I can’t wait to play with it some and get some petal and luster dusts to color it. 


Dark Chocolate and Love

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Do you have any special plans? Just sitting at home in your sweats? That sounds pretty good to me. We are waiting for this storm to pass and see what it will be like tomorrow. Hopefully it will clear after sunrise. We need to buy groceries. We will most likely hang out at the house in our sweats before Hubby goes to work. I’m planning on cooking him a good dinner though. We’ve been together for ten years. Valentine’s is really just another day to us. We make sure we express our love every day. We don’t want the other one to forget or something. 



This was taken Tuesday around 5pm. 


And this was Wednesday about 11:30 am. Not much to some people but we are not accustomed to snow around here. It mostly melted away today in the sun but it has started snowing again since dark. Blah. I don’t like snow much. It’s pretty and everything, but I would rather it be sunny and about 70 degrees. 

But until then, we will manage through with our milk and bread. I don’t know why people hoard milk and bread around here. I would rather have canned goods and my camp stove. But whatever floats your boat. 

On to the chocolate. I must confess. I am not a chocolate lover. I never have been. Given the choice between chocolate ice cream and vanilla, nine times out of ten I will pick vanilla. But I found a recipe for white chocolate pudding frosting and decided to pair it with a dark chocolate cupcake. I was über excited about the combination (and wanted to get them baked in case the power went out).

Maybe I did something wrong or didn’t mix something right, but the frosting did not work for me. It was a texture issue. The flavor was good. And the cake was good in my opinion. Hubby said it was too soft for his liking. The frosting came out lumpy and clogged the piping tip when I tried to frost the cupcakes. Not pleasant. I think I will have to do some work or find a different white chocolate frosting for my cupcakes. 

I used this dark chocolate cupcake recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. And over at Where Flours Bloom via Pinterest I found this white chocolate pudding buttercream frosting. I used this particular recipe because it didn’t require cream cheese or whipped cream (I had neither of those). Maybe with a little tweaking I will get it right. 


Notice I only have one picture of these cupcakes. Yeah, that frosting didn’t work out to be very pretty. 


Red, Red Everywhere!

I’m seeing red. And it’s a good thing. In case you didn’t know February is Heart Month. February 7-14 is CHD Awareness Week. CHD stands for Congenital Heart Defect. Did you know 1 in 100 children are born with a CHD? More children die from CHD than from every form of childhood cancer combined. And for every dollar donated to medical funding, only a fraction a penny goes to study CHDs? Did you know Shaun White has a CHD? Specifically Tetralogy of Fallot. This is something near and dear to me and my family. Our youngest daughter was born with ToF. We didn’t know anything was wrong until a few hours after she was born. She underwent open heart surgery at 4 days old. Children shouldn’t have to go through this. For more information you can check out or to read stories and get more information. 


 Image   Image


Ok, now that I have the serious stuff out of the way! Let us talk about cupcakes! Cherry Almond Cupcakes from Cooking Classy. I made these the other night to try out. They were pretty good. I had a hard time finding the almond flavor, so I think next time I will cut back the cherry juice and bump up the almond extract just a bit. They have a cherry hidden inside but I think next time I’ll chop up the cherries so they are scattered throughout the cupcake and not just one big one bit of cherry in the middle.




My frosting was on the point of being a little curdled. It tasted fine though. I think it was due to a bit too much cherry juice because it was fine before I put in the last tablespoon. So next time I’ll cut it back a bit and it should be fine. 


All finished and done up with a cherry on top. So jump over here and try these! 

Adult Content…..

Beware this post may contain images of adult nature that may offend or upset some people. If you can laugh and enjoy it, please continue.

Back in October, I was asked to make a cake. A cake for a party. A….”tupperware” party. Ladies only and 18 and up only. The cake was to be shaped as a certain male appendage. A penis. And my mother is the one that asked for the cake. Yep. Awkward conversation. At least for one of us.

Mother: With your wonderful cake decorating skills, can you make a cake.

Me: Yeah. What kind of cake?

Mother: It needs…… be shaped…….like……..a, um……..penis.

Me: (chuckling) Yeah, I can do that.

I know there are pans that are already shaped like a penis but I wasn’t about to run around and hunt one. I don’t want that in the cabinets or on display. So I used a sheet pan and two round pans and carved it to the right shape. It was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and covered in marshmallow fondant. The “hair” is just colored cream cheese frosting and the…drizzle, yeah that is what we’ll call it, was made of powdered sugar thinned with milk. The veins was rolled fondant that was placed under the flesh colored fondant and I hand painted it bluish with thinned food color gel.

Overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out. And so was the customer. 😉

Here comes the pic……

Shy and timid should avert their eyes…….

Ok, you have been warned…..



Doughnuts are wonderful. Especially hot, fresh doughnuts. I wanted to make some a few weeks ago so I found a recipe for Baked Doughnuts on Brown Eyed Baker. Apparently, my yeast was dead. It was a tragic failure. Hard, dense little discs. So I got some new yeast and tried again last night. Mmmm. Not a failure.

I love this part. The smell of yeast blooming is one of my favorites.

I have to admit, I love anything with yeast. That smell. I’ll bake bread every day just to smell the yeast. I need a candle that smells like this.








 After it’s all mixed, you have to knead it by hand until it’s smooth. This one was smoother until I picked it up and transferred it to the bowl.







 Then the dough has to rest for an hour. You know, cause it’s had such a rough life being pushed and pulled and rolled.







  Apparently you do grow in your sleep.






  Then you flatten it and roll it out to cut out the doughnuts.







 Use a doughnut cutter or something else round. I don’t have a doughnut cutter. I used a large circle cookie cutter.







  Here are my options for cutting out the center hole. The coupler is the right size, but it has those little cutouts that leave the hole attached. The piping tip is my preference, simply because the flower wasn’t large enough.






 All punched out and ready to rise again for about 20 minutes while the oven preheats.







 These are all baked. This pan was on the bottom rack which resulted in the tops being not so brown but the bottoms were really brown.

(The liquid looking stuff on the pan is the glaze. I forgot to take pictures before I poured it on. Sorry, I got excited.)






  This pan was on the top rack and the tops are nice and brown and the bottom has hardly any color. These were softer all over than the other pan.







  This is a simple glaze of powdered sugar, milk, and a little vanilla which I poured over the hot doughnuts.







  And here is the final product all ready to be eaten!!

I have to admit, my husband was nervous when I said I was trying to doughnuts again. I don’t blame him. The last batch wasn’t edible, but this batch turned out pretty good. Hubby prefers the glaze to the cinnamon sugar combination that is with the original recipe. I’m not partial. Either one works for me. The glaze is sweeter than the cinnamon sugar and you get a little sticky handling the glaze. But that’s the fun part!

Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Ok, there was a little confusion on my part about what a certain cupcake was. My apologies. I have it sorted out now. THESE are my Vanilla Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting. I don’t have many pictures of them, well, because we ate them. And the ones we didn’t eat, were packed up to take to work or my mom’s house. My husband insists that I’m the reason he is fat. And I am. Not that he’s fat. Just a little chunky. But I’ll gladly take credit for it. I’d feel bad if he was starving and looked emaciated.

See how soft and luscious it looks?

This was definitely put under the “Make This Again” tab of my binder.

Vanilla Cupcakes and Chocolate Buttercream

I made these the same day I made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. These are my simple vanilla cupcakes.

When I look at these pictures, it makes me realize how important grease-proof liners are. I really need to get some.

I made a simple chocolate buttercream frosting for them. I made these and the Cookie Dough Cupcakes for a cookout. I wanted to make sure I had a fail safe, just in case someone didn’t like cookie dough. The frosting was really rich and even though I don’t like prefer chocolate, I really enjoyed it. The Cookie Dough Cupcakes ended up stealing the show though.