Birthdays Past

So we have underwent a few changes around here. As of July I am a full time stay at home mother. My biggest is now in the 3rd grade!! Wow. Where does time go??

My 3rd grader!

Hubby has transitioned back into work AND changed career completely. He went back to work in a carpet mill, which is the main employer around here. After not working for two years, he was kind of….softened. Manual labor was hard on his body. So when he was offered a position as a car salesman, he took it. Major change. We are still adjusting to the new career. I have to admit though, I love that he carries a briefcase and wears slacks everyday now.

I’ve done quite a bit of baking lately. I’ll break it up between a few posts so I don’t overload.

The biggest things I’ve done were birthday cakes. One for my littlest and one for me. And I must say, I’m pretty impressed with them.

In July, my littlest turned two! It seems like it was just a few months ago that the roller coaster that is her life started. And she has kept us on our toes ever since. For her birthday, I wanted to make a cake that she would love. I decided on a cake that I knew would tickle her pink. She loves all things mouse, as in Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So I made her a Minnie Cake. Minnie Mouse CakeShe looks happyWhite Chocolate Mud Cake with Lemon Curd and Vanilla Buttercream

The bottom tier was white chocolate mud cake with vanilla buttercream and lemon curd filling.

Chocolate Mud Cake with Cookies and Cream Buttercream


The top tier was chocolate mud cake with cookies and cream buttercream.

And I think she was tickled. She yelled “Mickey” every time she looked at it. She couldn’t say “Minnie” just yet. She can now though. She also got two stuffed Minnie dolls and a Minnie book for her birthday. I was happy that she was happy.

The next birthday cake I made was mine. Yes. I made my own cake. It makes me happy to bake, so it made me happy to make my cake. I went back and forth for a while about what I wanted my cake to be. I finally decided on a “Minion” cake. Yeah, as in Despicable Me Minion. I love Despicable Me and think the Minions are adorable. And so do my littles. So everyone would enjoy my cake. Minion Minion

He wasn’t perfect, but I was pleased with how he came out. This was my first venture into stacking small cakes and carving a shape and then covering it in fondant. It was definitely a learning experience! My littlest managed to sneak into the kitchen and grab one of his feet and chomp away before any noticed. I had to whip up another foot and the crisis was adverted. And he was yummy when we cut into him.

I’ll end this now before I make it too long. See ya next time!



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