Long time no see!

Well we have made some major changes in the last few weeks! I quit my job and hubby has went back to work. I have to say that the weeks we were both at home have spoiled us. I hate that he has to leave us and we all miss him something awful. In addition to that, the oldest little has started school. I can’t believe she is already in third grade! Time needs to stop. It passes by way too fast. 

On the baking side of things, I have made a few creations that I will be posting…soon. I’m still trying to work this new schedule out. I have to say time management is not my strong point. I made the littlest little’s birthday cake and my birthday cake. Other than those, it has been pretty simple. Some cinnamon rolls. A batch of banana bread (currently in the oven). Hopefully, in the next week, we should have most things settled into some type of routine. Maybe. I am lazy. But I look forward to sharing some photos soon! 



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