Starting my new journey

Hello again everyone! I have been away for a while. I’d like to say that I am up to date and up to par on everything…but I’m not. I am still slacking at the school work. I’m trying to work on my study habits and keep my grades up. I just find it monotonous. Any tips to help me improve that outlook? 

Meanwhile, I have taken a serious step in the right direction for my health. I have completely eliminated all carbonated beverages, significantly decreased my sweet tea habit (down to less than a cup a week), and increased my water intake a ginormous amount! I don’t even drink tea when we eat out much anymore. I went from about 1 cup of water a day to at least 8 and often more. That’s a big leap for someone who drank about a gallon of tea a day. Not even exaggerating that statement. And since I’ve started cutting out the bad drinks, I’m doing better on the food front too. More healthy snacks and way less eating out. 

On top of that, I’ve started walking/jogging on a treadmill everyday. Walmart had one on sale and I jumped on it while I was feeling motivated. And I’ve stuck with it for a week so far. A week may not be that long, but it’s a pretty long time for me. And it isn’t a chore or anything for me to convince myself to get to walking everyday. 

Just by changing those little things, I’ve lost ten pounds already. Ten pounds is good deal of weight. And it encourages me to keep at it and that discipline and self-control pay off. So now that I’m getting into a routine for that, I’ve got to work on everything else. 

I think I need to conquer my study habits first. And when I get that squared away, I’ll start keeping up with this blog on a much more regular basis. I’m thinking maybe a regular post once a week. Or at least once every two weeks since my work schedule makes my life hectic sometimes. 


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