Coping and Growing

I miss my daddy. I’m coping with him not being here. But I keep having moments where I remember that he isn’t here. Like the other day I was thinking about the vegetable garden we are going to plant in the spring. I have always asked daddy how I should do things like that. 

The Squirmy One is growing up…too much. I can’t believe that she is going to be two this year. She crawled up in her daddy’s lap and looked right at him and said “I bite.” And she will bite. She has been on the receiving end of a few spankings for biting. Yeah. He has his hands full with that girl.

Our Midget is growing up too. During the time her papaw was in the hospital, daddy sat her down and told her that papaw was not going to come home. She was worried about whether or not I knew and if I was OK and who was going to tell her cousin.

Midget is my angel. Squirmy One is the deviant child. I blame her father. Not only does Squirmy One have his temper, he stays home with her all day. I stayed home with Midget.

And on top of the deviant child, we have the hell spawn of a cat. He likes to latch on whatever body part happens to get near enough. And he does the typical, “Pet me” rubbing his head against you and then when you have met the desired level of attention, he attacks. Typical cat stuff? I don’t know. I think all the cats I have ever owned have just been evil. All two of them. Yeah. I’m a dog person by nature.

I’ve spent the last week or so trying to get up to date on my school work. I hate being this far behind. But part of this is because I am a professional procrastinator. Yep. I am. I get it from my momma. 🙂 She does the same thing.

I’ve also fell off of, been ran over, and left by the healthy lifestyle wagon. I have been very preoccupied and found myself more often than not with very little time and nothing prepped for snacks or dinner. So the obvious answer was to run out and grab something. Yeah, I have no willpower. No judgement.

Last night, however, I did something to help remedy that. We had already eaten dinner, homemade chili, and I wanted something else. Instead, I had a glass of water and when I was still craving something, I had an apple. It’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully, the first of many.

 Now, as soon as I get everything else under control and back to normal (I’m almost there), I am going to get back to working in the kitchen. I miss it. I need it. It’s my therapy. And I know I’ll feel better when I do.


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