Finally getting some stuff done!!!

Wow! I have been semi-productive since my last post. It just took some motivation. I finished Littlest’s blanket and managed to bake some goodies.

So first, the quilt. It is not perfect. Not even close. It is the first thing I have ever created by sewing and I was way out of my comfort zone. I am so much better at following and tweaking recipes than I am instructions for sewing and quilting. All in all, I managed to finish it with only a few curse words. Although, I did threaten the cat’s life a few times because he found it necessary to chase the cord of the iron, slap at the quilt as it was hanging off the ironing board, and then wanted to chase the binding as it dangled from my sewing machine. But we all managed to get through it without any damage, permanent damage anyway.

Now on to the baked goods. I was most excited to be bake in the kitchen doing what I’m good at. Hubby has been begging for brownies for about…3 months. I’m not even exaggerating that number. It may be longer than that. I finally broke down and made his brownies. I used a new recipe that I found and I have to say, I am quite impressed with it. It was as good as the reviews said and even the hubby agreed. In fact, he said they were the best brownies I have ever made. I cooked them in a slightly smaller pan, so they were thicker and fudgy. Mmm. That’s how we like our brownies. Mom approved, too, because when I took her two squares, she didn’t share anything except the crumbs. It makes me happy when my mom and hubby say my treats are good. Here is the link to the brownie recipe.

I made two different types of cupcakes. The first was a simple Vanilla Cupcake from Brown Eyed Baker. Here is the link for that batter. I used the Buttercream Dream recipe from Cake Central and tinted it blue. I also used the Marshmallow Fondant recipe and topped three of the cupcake with some very special decorations. One went to Midget’s Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher, who is expecting her first child, and a co-worker and his wife, who are expecting their second, both of which are little boys.

The second batch of cupcakes was something a little more “seasonal.” In honor of fall and the wonderful weather it brings, I decided to make something a little different. I almost made something pumpkin-y. I decided I would save that for a little later, but I’ve already got it planned. I settled on something with apples. I found an idea for Caramel Apple Cupcakes, which sounded divine. And still does. But I was swayed more toward Apple Pie Cupcakes. I am very pleased with the results. And so was everyone else who ate them. All of the cupcakes I took to work were eaten. Some people had more than one. 🙂 I take it as a compliment when someone comes back for seconds.

I only have to get through this weekend and next week I am going to be off for an entire seven days in a row! I plan on taking full advantage of my time. I hope I can stay on my motivated streak. I will have homework in addition to my baking projects. I have a standing request for some banana bread, and those Caramel Apple Cupcakes sound pretty good too!


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