School Days and Doughnut Muffins

Today is bittersweet day. My Midget went back to school. She started second grade.

This just drives home the fact that my little girl is growing up. And I only have 3 years before the baby starts school.

I am not relishing the idea that my girls are growing up. I would much rather them stay small and depend on my husband and me forever. I also would rather not deal with those pre-teen and teenage years that are peaking around the corner at me. On top of the “I know everything” attitude, it means we’ll be dealing with boyfriends boys who want to date our daughters and the joys that comes along with that. Daddy says no dating until they are 35. I say good luck with that.

So about lunch time, I awoke from my nap. Yes, I took a nap today. As soon as we got home from dropping Midget off at school, which was around 8:15.  I like my sleep. Anyway, I woke up feeling a bit peckish starving. Since we don’t really have any “snack food” hiding in the kitchen, I decided to make something. What did I decide to make? A sandwich. No. Cupcakes. No. Glazed doughnut muffins. Yes!

I remembered I had a recipe pinned on Pinterest. Yes, I am addicted. No, I’m not ready to seek help. Yet. So I found the pin and headed to My Baking Addiction and printed off the recipe and went to work.

I used my homemade vanilla extract in this recipe! I think it needs a little more time to extract all the goodness of the vanilla beans but it was still good.

I think next time I will use less nutmeg. I also use fresh nutmeg, not the pre-ground swept off the floor stuff. It was a little overpowering and I only used the 3/4 teaspoon which was on the low-end of the recipe. I think I’ll use a scant 1/2 teaspoon next time. But other than that, these were good. Daddy and Sophie approved. And these were topped with a wonderful vanilla graze.

And I double dipped them. This is what they look like when the glaze sets.


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