The Big One!

WOW! It has been a busy, crazy, hectic few weeks. Littlest celebrated her first birthday and the first anniversary of her open heart surgery over an entire weekend. We had a cookout, went to the Tennessee Aquarium, and did a photo shoot with a homemade tutu and a homemade (of course) smash cake! So that’s where I have been lately. Yikes. I have been a busy bee.

Sunday we had three types of cupcakes to go along with our cookout of hamburgers and hotdogs. We had Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting (my first time making red velvet in my life), Orange Creamsicle, and Vanilla with Vanilla Bean Buttercream.

The trip to the aquarium was on Monday.

Littlest liked the fish. From a distance. She did not like being close to the tanks. She would pull away and squeal. And not with delight. Bless her. We got to see a baby penguin.

Littlest’s cake was vanilla cake, vanilla bean buttercream filling, and vanilla buttercream frosting. The cake was decorated with hearts in celebration of the one year milestone. I never would have thought how emotional that day was for me.

She liked sticking her fingers in the cake. And her toes. And rubbing it on her face. And her body. But then she wanted it off her fingers and would flail her hands and sling frosting…everywhere.


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