One birthday down and one to go!!

My husband celebrated his 27th birthday Sunday. His favorite color, flavor, scent, and anything else is orange. So I decided to make him orange creamsicle cupcakes. I found the recipe from The Nesting Project blog. I didn’t know how a cupcake was going to capture the taste of a creamsicle, but I figured as long as they tasted like orange, they would be a success. This recipe has the right mix of orange and vanilla and cream cheese that it actually does taste like a creamsicle.

The only thing I did differently was add food coloring to the frosting to make it orange. I don’t have orange color so I had to mix it. I ended up making it a little more orange than I wanted, but it still worked.

Hubby doesn’t care what they look like anyway. He is only worried about the taste. I’m more interested in making sure they look pretty. I’m big in the concept of “People eat with their eyes first.”

I wish I hadn’t let the cream cheese get as soft as I did. The frosting should have been a little stiffer. I also could have chilled it a little before piping but I was getting restless and ready to sample.

And now that Hubby’s birthday is done and over with, we have to get ready for little Sophie’s First Birthday!! It’s in two weeks and counting. Today I made her birthday tutu. I bought a kit from Wal-Mart that came with the stretchy thing and pre-cut strips of tulle in pink and green. There weren’t enough to make it as poufy as I wanted and there were more green strips than pink strips so I had to buy another roll of tulle. I went with a neon pink. Instead of wearing the stretchy tube as a dress we are going to make it a skirt and I’m going to make a onesie with an applique “1” on it. I think. I might add a cupcake.


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