Vanilla beans and vodka

I got my package in the mail today! My vanilla beans and bottles came two days earlier than I expected.

I wanted to use some of them and make homemade vanilla extract and, luckily for me, I had enough vodka on hand to fill all three bottles.

My bottle of Georgia Vodka is filthy. It’s because I made a pie crust one night and didn’t have a rolling pin handy. Enter the round bottle of vodka.

Perfect rolling pin in a pinch. (I know, those shadows are horrible. I didn’t have any good light coming in and I don’t have a handy external flash, yet.)

So I went outside and snapped some pictures.

I got my bottles and my beans from The two little bottles are 4 ounce  bottles, and the larger swing top bottle is 8 ounces. (Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the empty bottles. I got a little excited. )

The two smaller bottles have three vanilla beans, cut in half, then split down the middle. The larger bottle has five beans, cut in half, and split down the middle.

Can you see the little specks on the bottom of the bottle? Those are wonderful little flavor orbs.

I think it’s already so pretty. Of course, I like sunshine through glass.

Already starting to change colors!

And I still have 14 whole vanilla beans left to experiment with!

I am a happy camper.


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