Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you enjoyed yourself and stayed safe. There were some pretty bad storms during the day but it calmed down before dark. I watched fireworks Saturday. Yes, on June 30th. One of the quirks of living in a small town. They don’t like doing late night things in the middle of the week. I guess they are afraid no one would show up because they have work the next day.

I started making my surprise 4th cake. It was based on this cake, that someone shared a picture of on Facebook then I saw it again on Pinterest (this picture to be exact) and thought “I can do that!” On day one, I ran out of red food coloring so I only got as far as baking the cakes.

I greased, floured, and lined my pans with parchment before baking. I hate sticking cakes.

Apparently I only photographed the red batter. And it’s really more pink than red.


I used this recipe from Sweetapolita.  I had to make two batches of it to fill three 10″ and one 6″ cake pans.

I didn’t do it the way I was supposed to. I should have. It would have been less work. Lesson learned. Next time I will fill one 10″ pan completely and bake the 6″ pan in the middle of the other 10″ pan. That would have been so much easier and worked better. The 6″ pan was filled with blue batter and the rest was tinted red and baked in the 10″ pans.

I pulled the decoration inspiration from this cake from The Kitchen Magpie blog. I got lazy though. One of the hazards of not having enough time in the day. So I rushed and mine isn’t nearly as pretty.

My buttercream recipe came from cakecentral.com. It’s the Buttercream Dream recipe. I doubled it for this cake. I tinted some of it red and some of it blue and left most of it white.

I made some gumpaste stars and painted them in my not so artistic ability.


Yeah, it’s leaning a little. I rushed stacking it. The power was flickering and it appeared to be getting ready to storm. Badly.

 My final product isn’t as pretty as the inspiration piece. I’m happy with it. I’ll practice it a few more times and I’ll have it picture perfect. It tasted awesome though!


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