Some random babblings…

Just in case any one is wondering, I do not get to take credit for any of the recipes I have posted thus far. And I can’t tell you where I found most of the recipes either. They were mostly found on the internet or in one of the cookbooks in the bookcase. At some point, I’ll get this blog up to date and I’ll start giving due credit to my sources. In the meantime, I apologize. I can tell you that most of the stuff I look at includes Cake Central and Brown Eyed Baker.

I will also take a moment to tell you that not everything turns out the way it is supposed to. I attempted Mountain Dew Cupcakes for a cookout. That was an epic failure. I even lost a cupcake pan in that debacle. I made a carved cake for my cousin. It was rushed and I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of it before he swept it away and took it in for a grade. It was a steamboat. At least a very crude rendering of a steamboat. He said his classmates really enjoyed it though. And that is what is important.


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