My venture into cupcakery.

So I made these cupcakes a while back. Back before I even thought of starting a blog. I made these right after I decided that I enjoy baking enough to open a bakery. Or at least a cupcakery. One day in the future. I guess that’s why I started taking pictures and posting them on Facebook. One of my coworkers is pregnant with her second baby and I know from a past birthday experience that she likes chocolate. Instead of doing a cake, I made her cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes. I even decided at the last minute to throw some chocolate chips into the batter. The fact that it was a last minute decision ended up causing the chips to sink to the bottom. Oh well. They were there and made it more chocolate-y. At least the bottom of the cupcake. I made chocolate buttercream to frost them and even made little chocolate swirls and decorations to put on top. I found some cute cupcake boxes at a craft store that was approriately decorated… with cupcakes!

I really need to work on my batter distribution as you can tell from this photo.

Yeah, they aren’t the same size. They still tasted awesome.

These were packed up to take to work.

Did you notice in the pic where they’re all packed up I forgot the chocolate decorations? I didn’t think they set up correctly and had scraped the idea. I went and checked a few hours later and noticed they had set properly. Yay! I was excited.

My chocolate swirls and designs. I was a happy camper when they set.

And most importantly, they got the seal of approval from my taste tester.

She looks pleased.

And they passed the coworker test, too!


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